Please keep your top on

Came across a cock pheasant bathing in old bonfire ash this morning which made me smile, loving these warm starts we’re having and just hope they’re still here when I stop working at weekends for a bit. Three Counties Show was last week and today and tomorrow I’m at Shobdon Food Festival which is in one of the prettiest settings. Back at home, we seem to have taken on a young cat (long story), we’ll be walking the cows back home to their field on Monday, and just heard that Glyn and I have tickets to go and see the recording of Top Gear in a couple of weeks which we’re looking forward to! No doubt you’ll have spotted the British men who decide to remove their tops now the sun is out, lets be honest, the ones that do are usually the ones who shouldn’t & who wants a dripping belly over your cucumbers. Small matter of a football match tomorrow which I’ll miss what with working, but looking forward to the drive home with no one else on the road, infact pheasants all over the country will breath a sigh of relief!

Ladies, Shows and Festivals.

It’s finally happened, today I’m having lunch with a group of ladies! Not sure how it happened as it began with just a pal who has now invited other pals who I don’t know so now usual thought process going on, what to wear, what to take and to be honest, all I want to do is stay at home and put my tomato plants in.
Glyn and I were out and about last week hosting the cookery theatre at Stafford Show. Was nice to see some familiar faces from our old stomping ground. Was sad to see that the cattle lines can’t be accessed without a pass though. I do think county shows have an obligation to make everyone aware of the situation in British Agriculture, especially Dairy Farming. I appreciate it’s done with safety in mind, but I’m sure they could come up with a solution especially when other shows allow it. 
It was on the first day of the show we drove home listening to 5live with the horrific details coming out of Cumbria. It’s hard enough to lose someone but to lose them in such a violent way, not sure you’d ever be able to come to terms with that. Thoughts and prayers with everyone in that part of the world.
Back at home the lambs have experienced their first thunder storm, the cows are still down at the neighbours and we lost one of our original ex battery hens who just didn’t wake up one morning.
Went to see the fabulous Rob Brydon at Hay Festival and I’ve definitely hit that age as there’s something very attractive about him, but shouldn’t have had that bacon butty before hand as it did nothing but repeat!
This week looks a busy one, mustn’t forget the tomatoes!