I was never able to watch Bambi twice

A lovely gentleman farmer asked me the other day if I liked Venison, not wanting to sound behind the times I said yes, and probably with a little more enthusiasm than was needed seeing as I’ve never tasted it before. He then disappeared and returned with a haunch of the stuff! Oven is now on as I can’t have an animal dying for nothing,  so onion ready and my swimming goggles on!

Seen tweed in a new light

I’ve walked miles this last few days just by going from the van to the demonstration theatre at this years CLA Game Fair. Fabulous venue Ragley Hall, and the biggest site I’ve ever seen. You need it open 3 days just to see everything! It was a weird one for me though as I was behind the scenes sitting quietly looking after the sound whilst Glyn did his usual camera shots. Still managed to catch up though with the gorgeous Alan Coxon who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years and the vivacious Rachel Green who was last with us at Shobdon Food Festival. Keeping quiet in the back does allow you to people watch, and on Friday in particular I did notice a lot of gentlemen in red trousers, when I mentioned this to my pal Miranda she too had noticed, and had counted 28 pairs of them by mid afternoon. Lots of stalls we couldn’t visit due to 14 demonstrations being on the stage throughout the day, but did notice a lot of tweed on sale, and good job I left when I did as I was beginning to be drawn to it.

I’ve been in the company of someone with germs

For the past few days I’ve been sounding like an old bird, and having to walk up hill to the hens, thank goodness no one has rung otherwise they’d think I was heavy breathing down the phone! Can’t remember the last time I was poorly, but having got a cheap chest, it doesn’t take much sadly. Got to be sorted by Friday though, as Glyn and I will be busy working at The Game Fair in Warwickshire, and I do love to smell a freshly waxed jacket!

I really ought to be getting on with something

Ever had one of those days when you know you’ve got a lot to do, but just not sure where to start? I’m having one of those and it’s still raining! Managed to avoid the wet stuff yesterday when I got a walk in with the girls, although did end up slightly damp when I stopped off at a pals for a brew and her dog decided to wee on my coat which I’d hung on the back of the chair! Glyn in Gloucester today, he must have a sore throat judging by the way he was snoring last night, if it happens again, he’ll have feathers up his nostrils from where I’ll have placed his pillow.

Plastic bags on feet is not a good look

Can you believe in all this rain I’ve not got a pair of wellies having planted my last pair with marigolds! Needless to say, it’s a visit to welly shop today as I’m due to visit a farm later this morning. We’re still on Buzzard watch having lost two hens in the past fortnight, I just hope after all this waving of my arms it will at least have an affect on my bingo wings. Been a busy couple of weeks, Glyn and I went to the recording of Top Gear where attractive young women are moved into shot, so obviously we didn’t make your tele screen, I’ve had my picture taken for Sunshine Radio, photographer started me off posing by graffiti covered walls until it became clear I was much happier by a tree, so I’ve ended up outside Hereford Cathedral. We’ve now acquired a cat (long story), and I have been asked to write for another magazine from November which is exciting, but I can’t say which one just yet.