Cows now on their holiday

Cows passed their TB test this week, so yesterday saw us loading them onto a trailor and heading to Dorstone in Herefordshire where they met for the first time the handsome beast that is, Charlie. Here’s hoping for babies next Summer! Last night Glyn and I found ourselves at a fabulous small music festival called ‘Whitfest’ where a few local bands performed and they were fantastic, mind you, I did find myself commenting on the thickness of the kitchen roll surrounding the pork baps which was a bit sad! Bit of a late night too, it’s been a while since we hit the pillow at nearly two in the morning. The venue was where I officially opened a brand new compost toilet the other week and it’s amazing how many people have experience of them, a word of caution from a lady who told me of using one in the dark in a middle of a field whilst camping, having heard noised during her visit, she then shone her torch to see she had piddled on a family of kittens!

I’ll be needing a new anorak!

Can’t believe it’s still raining, been constant for 28 hours and counting. We’ve got a log fire in and a slow casserole on and it’s August! Difficult week this week with the cows being tested for TB on Tuesday and the results tomorrow morning. If all well, they’ll be heading on to a trailor and travelling for their encounter with a rather handsome bull. I’m keeping positive as the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. Hard for farmers with this weather, so much wheat turning black with no sign of being able to get a combine on the land. Tibbs our small stray cat who seems to have adopted us is about to have her own outdoor kennel having sorted one out for her today. She can’t come in the house as Glyn is allergic and at the moment she is taking shelter in an outhouse which isn’t really suitable. If all goes okay with the girls I’m having my roots done, and then we’re off to spend Saturday night outside in a field in Herefordshire with 148 other people. I’ll enjoy it all as long as tomorrow goes well.

Never thought I’d like a leather sofa!

I’ve experienced city living, if only for two days! We managed to get away and spent a couple of days in South Wales which was lovely and then in the heart of Bristol as Glyn was presenting breakfast for the beeb at the weekend. There was us with a key card, 40 inch tele and a corner leather sofa in red, what a change to have no slippage with cushions as we do at home! Have to say it was great to be able to just walk 5 minutes and we were in the thick of it, restaurants, bars and cinema although Toy Story 3 did me a mischief and I managed to lose Glyn for 15 minutes when we came out. Balloon festival was worth it too, although we must have walked 2 miles from the bus just to get there. Back home now and I’m already sizing up the lounge for a new settee, but do I go for leather?!

Pink sheep, it’s the future

Always happens doesn’t it, you try to get away for a couple of days and there seems to be so much to do before you go that you wonder whether it’s worth it! Me and him are heading towards South Wales and then Bristol to see lots of balloons, it’s all to do with my sister taking one look at my ‘eye bags’ and deciding that she and a pal will move in and look after all the animals to give us a break. Been doing a bit of strimming today and spraying the sheep to protect them from fly strike, I didn’t quite manage a spray, more of a dribble, so now have pink striped sheep, at least they’re girls so it suits them. They seem to be getting on with the cows who themselves are having a fly treatment tomorrow. Pity you can’t get fly papers to tie between their horns. All this talk of animals and must say it was a fantastic show at Tenbury at the weekend, was made even better by a pal coming to stay who I’d not seen for a few years so lots of catching up to do. Heard the sad news this last week that John Leach from Severn Valley Railway had died, he was a lovely man with a super sense of humour. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Makes you realise that you’ve got to make the most, so here’s to a good few days away with Glyn.