Malvern this weekend

One of my favourite shows of the year takes place this weekend, it’s Malvern RHS Autumn Show featuring the Head Gardener from River Cottage, Mark Diacano and from Gardeners World Joe Swift. Today saw Glyn and I celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary, not sure where that time has gone to be honest, lovely meal last night at Riverside Inn at Aymestrey with some friends, now I know why my wedding dress no longer fits!

Best get a card today!

Up a little too early this morning but have to be in Hereford early doors but a little baggy following last nights enjoyable Midlands Air Ambulance charity fashion show in Malvern. Thinking best have a few cups of coffee as out again this evening and there comes an age when it’s not as easy as it used to be!  Back over there at the weekend as it’s Autumn Show time with the gorgeous Joe Swift and Mark Diacano from River Cottage, so looking forward to it. It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow, and no doubt Glyn will be watching the DVD backwards so he leaves the church a free man.

Should I do my helicopter impression tonight?

Looking forward to tonight compering a charity fashion show in Malvern for Midlands Air Ambulance, especially when the male models are all members of the air crew! Here’s hoping I come over all unnecessary and have to have assistance. Update on the kittens, all three doing well and we have one with eyes open today, and it’s the one who we thought we’d lost so really pleased. Interesting reading an article on former Radio 2 Presenter Sarah Kennedy this morning who went on holiday last month and never returned. Her view is that she had to quit and she’s spoken for the first time of the poisonous atmosphere she claimed she experienced at work and how she felt that unknown enemies were out to get her. Lets just say I understood exactly what she meant.

We have the best food producers

What a wonderful few days at the fabulous Ludlow Food Festival, we’ve had a full house at home with both my sister staying and then a couple of pals, one on Friday and the other Saturday, the house has never looked so clean! Bit baggy around the eyes as last night our stray cat gave birth to what I thought was 2 kittens until I checked on her first thing & found a cold and blue little body lying apart from Mum. When I went to pick he/she up, I was amazed to find a heart beat so set to & long story short, glad to say all 3 are doing okay. Lovely to see so many familiar faces at the festival, and new friends too, but the diet has gone by the wayside having brought so many treats home. Picking our hops up tomorrow so here’s to a smelly kitchen!

Countdown to Ludlow

Not long to go before Ludlow Food Festival, Glyn is busy sorting out the equipment which translates as our lounge has been taken over by televisions, microphones and speakers and as always when it happens, I declare that we need an extension! Over the past week I’ve been trying to get a little fitter by walking 3 miles with the dogs each morning but judging by the way it’s going if someone happens to ring whilst I’m going up hill they’ll think I’m moonlighting as a heavy breather.

A Cadbury Finger contains 31 calories

I’m sitting by the fire trying to write my columns for Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire Life Magazines which have to be in by tomorrow morning, but I’m in one of those moods where I could just settle down with a coffee and a couple of biscuits in front of a good film so struggling a bit. Must admit the last few days I should have been doing work type things, but because we had sunshine for a change, I found myself diverted to a spot of gardening. Popped into Bromyard on Friday for an eye test and a rather nice chappie told me I’ve got very poor tear evaporation with them drying up twice as quick as normal, not sure what happened when I was watching Toy Story 3 recently, there wasn’t much evaporation going on then.