Found myself looking at thermal vests today

Not sure if our annual tin of well known wrapped chocs will make Christmas, not if it keeps as cold as it is. This is more like January having to break the ice off the water troughs, it’s certainly shaping up to be a very long winter! Popped into Hereford this morning for a meeting and then had a mosey round the shops, alongside the rest of the county by all accounts, it was heaving. Couple of pressies ticked off and for some reason, I noticed thermal vests for the first time. Leominster on the way home to get provisions and I’m sure everybody had followed me there too. Sad to hear that we’ve lost Leslie Nielsen, lovely chap. I had the privilege of interviewing him when he came to Malvern a few years back, and ‘Airplane’ is one of my favourite films. Staying with things that make you laugh, I’m loving the advert with the muddy Golden Retriever on the bed and Anton and Ann had me in stitches at the weekend with their tribute to Titanic, it was Anton on the floor shouting that did it for me. I just hope my bosom doesn’t sink that low as I get older.

We had 2 snowflakes

Of all the days to have a water leak! Felt so sorry for the fellas who came to repair it for us, and its been a while since I’ve seen a man in a balaclava! Enjoying a night in tonight, might even be tempted to write a few Christmas cards which is a bit scary. Drove through Tenbury last night and the lights are fabulous, a lovely blue. If you’ve ever supported the boys from the towns roundtable, such as the firework display, you’ve been part of making it happen as that’s where a lot of the money for them have come from. Off to pick up our first batch of hay in the morning and as we thought, it’s expensive this year, but heh, has to be done. I managed to find a lovely home for 2 of the 3 kittens last week as little Mabel is staying with us. Bit embarrassing though as it quite did me a mischief when I handed them over, but they’re so lucky as they’re a super family. Glyn heading over to Bristol to work on the wireless this weekend, and I’ll see if I have the urge to paint the bedroom, long story!