No nasty lanterns please, they kill livestock

Tonight sees the annual ritual of eating sausage rolls, savoury eggs and maybe even a chicken curry parcel. As long as they’re not too smelly though as come midnight you’ll find yourself being kissed by complete strangers in either the local pub or friends party. It’ll be hard to leave the house tonight as the heating oil finally arrived today so we’re back to being warm again, and Glyn has already fallen asleep on the settee and it’s not even 6pm yet! Hoping we don’t get any of those chinese lanterns flying over come midnight as the metal bits can be fatal for livestock if they end up eating them and with the animals in mind, we think someone has been creeping about today so we’re all on our guard. Our neighbour came face to face with 2 men this morning who were taking an interest in what we have so here’s hoping the fact we all look after each other is enough to keep them away.  On a happier note, looking forward to 2011. I don’t do resolutions, but one thing I’m consciously going to do is leave any negative feelings and people well and truly in the year 2010 and taking only good things and relationships with me into the New Year, so with that in mind, here’s wishing you a very happy one,  and here’s to whatever 2011 has in store for us.


Someone has coloured the fields in again

Can you believe my hubby is sitting here for the second night running, watching The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures. I do mention every year that surely they’re meant for children, but he won’t have it! Got our fingers crossed for our long-awaited oil delivery either tomorrow or Friday now the track has totally thawed. It’ll be nice to feel warm again just moving from one room to the other, it’s certainly been a chilly Christmas and sadly Glyns parents couldn’t come and stay because of it. We’ve got green fields again today for the first time in ages, just wet and soggy now but at least I’ve stopped having to break ice on water troughs for a while. Made the mistake of getting on the scales this morning, I’m telling myself it’s water retention, but to be honest any liquid hanging about will be Merlot. No point doing anything about it yet as we’ve got New Year coming up, and for the first time in a while we’re going out with friends to bring it in, knowing me, I best have a snooze first!

There’s only one thing I share with a polar bear and that’s being left handed

When I began my working life on farms, living in caravans and being that cold I’d go to bed in my clothes ready for the next morning, I vowed that I’d never put myself in that position again. Move forward nearly 30 years, and we’ve turned the heating off before we run out! It’s been on order for 3 weeks, but our track has just not been passable since the first blast of winter. I have told Glyn that if we run out of logs and coal, I’ll burn the settee as I quite fancy a new suite for next year. Even had a call from BBC Breakfast which was exciting. They wanted to find out if we were newsworthy, but to be honest, we’ll be fine. Might even be a way of losing some weight over Christmas instead of gaining it. Sadly we’ve had to cancel visiting family and friends across the country which is a shame, but our temporary absence is nothing compared to the horrors we keep seeing on the tele. As I’m writing this, it’s still snowing. We managed to move the cows nearer home yesterday which was a little hairy with them not being able to distinguish their route with everything white over. Our main problem is frozen water and having to carry it to both them and the sheep twice a day. Luckily we’ve got plenty of hay to last them and if all else fails and we run out of provisions,  maybe we platt some together and think of it as Shredded Wheat. The hens hate it and spend most of their time in bed, Mabel the kitten thinks it’s fantastic and likes to catch each snowflake when it falls. I’m happier now I’ve discovered that socks have togs, who’d have thought, duvets for feet! Wishing you a safe and Happy Christmas, and here’s to 2011, whatever it throws at us x

Advent calendar finally displayed

Looks like things are finally beginning to thaw which is a relief, anymore carrying water containers up and down hill twice a day, I’d be giving Popeye a run for his money. My sister came over on Tuesday as I’d got us front row seats for Lark Rise to Candleford at Malvern Theatres. Little disappointing sadly, nothing wrong with the acting, the cast were great, but there was just no spark or storyline to help any of us bond with the characters. Mind you, it didn’t help with the fact it was so ruddy cold, most of the audience kept their coats on throughout to try and stay warm. For those on stage, it must have looked like none of us were staying! Had a couple of meetings cancelled yesterday, so took advantage of a day off and went to get our tree. Think the poor chap helping Colin at Dinmore Hill thought we were casing the joint! Always takes us ages to choose. There was one guy who arrived after we’d been there at least half an hour, he picked up the first tree he came to and bought it, just like that. She’s now waiting to be decorated, but looking and smelling good as I’m writing this. Still not written any cards, but a few pressies wrapped already. We’ve got a couple of parcels floating around on a van somewhere with no one being able to get down to where we are, here’s hoping we get them over the next day or so, thank goodness none of them is cheese.

The purple ones are my favourite

White rabbits and all that, and quite apt really with all this snow. The pigs are returning to their home this weekend, little earlier than I wanted,  but with the ground being so hard they can’t do any rooting and clearing for us. I’ll definitely have some more next year as they’ve been great fun to keep, it’s like having a couple of living compost bins! Can’t believe it’s December and the first Christmas decoration displayed in the form of our advent calendar, and even thinking about getting the tree this weekend. Day off today but no doubt most of it carrying water to the furries and hairies, wouldn’t mind but there’s 4 cows walking the common and yesterday they drank every last drop of our sheep’s water which had taken half an hour to sort! Put it this way, the tin of chocs bought for Christmas was opened last night!