Someone has coloured the fields in again

Can you believe my hubby is sitting here for the second night running, watching The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures. I do mention every year that surely they’re meant for children, but he won’t have it! Got our fingers crossed for our long-awaited oil delivery either tomorrow or Friday now the track has totally thawed. It’ll be nice to feel warm again just moving from one room to the other, it’s certainly been a chilly Christmas and sadly Glyns parents couldn’t come and stay because of it. We’ve got green fields again today for the first time in ages, just wet and soggy now but at least I’ve stopped having to break ice on water troughs for a while. Made the mistake of getting on the scales this morning, I’m telling myself it’s water retention, but to be honest any liquid hanging about will be Merlot. No point doing anything about it yet as we’ve got New Year coming up, and for the first time in a while we’re going out with friends to bring it in, knowing me, I best have a snooze first!

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