I think we’re alone now

Having had visitors over for Easter, all of a sudden everything seems very quiet, so much so, the purple Pheasant has shown up again by the bird feeder. Incredible colour, I’ve never seen one before, where as a cock bird has a golden chest, his is purple so what with him, the white hen Pheasant and a black rabbit that’s been spotted, we’ve got our very own Springwatch round here. Our 4 chicks which hatched nearly a month ago now are growing at such a rate, all are now living with the flock as a rat had discovered their broody coop, so a little earlier than I wanted but everybody seems happy and more importantly they’re safe. Thinking though that of the 4, we might have only 1 hen so don’t think we’ll be selling any free range eggs from the gate just yet!

Asparagus to Vets and back again

Here we are then at the end of another week, and having just returned from the Vets where the very young nurse mentioned how quickly the year was going, if it seems that way for someone in their 20’s then there’s no hope for the rest of us! Sadly Tess may need another operation as her wound isn’t healing properly, she goes back on Wednesday so here’s hoping it’s good news. At the moment the view from the kitchen window is obscured by Glyn bringing his work home with him. Got home on Tuesday to find a ruddy big green container in the drive which he’s fitting with a radio studio for a client. I knew it was coming, but he did say it wouldn’t be any bigger than a medium-sized caravan, lets just say men and measurements are never a good combination. He has promised it will be gone for Easter which is when he’ll be able to come in the house again! Wednesday saw the 15th anniversary of losing our Mum ‘Shirl’ who I miss everyday but at the same time keep seeing her when I look in the mirror. On the radio tomorrow on Sunshine which I’m looking forward to and just heard confirmation that I’ll be part of the Asparagus Festival Day at The Fleece at Bretforton working alongside the lovely Felice Tocchini who once appeared on This Morning with Katie Price, maybe she could give me a couple of ….. tips!

I’ve put my cardigan back on

We’ve had an old friend over for the past few days which was lovely, mind you with all the wining, dining & chatting that was going on I’m bushed. Sitting in the lounge looking out at a very grey day wondering what has happened to the sunshine, and just when I’d begun to develop a bit of a rosy glow. Can’t believe the rate at which the chicks are growing, to watch them is quite addictive, copying everything their Mum does including scratching the ground which makes me smile everytime. Other one is when their Cochin Mum shakes like a wet dog and each of the 4 is then blown in every direction leaving them a good foot away having to run as fast as they can back to her. Tess’s mouth is recovering well from the stick incident and of all the times to have friends over, what with her and her leaky front and Libby the Retriever in season with a leaky other end, oh the joys of keeping animals. Looks like I’ll be heading to Countrytastic again this year to help out a pal with the lambs with a promise to Glyn that I won’t be bringing any home with me – what he didn’t know was I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

Sticks and Balls

I don’t let our dogs play with sticks as they can be dangerous and cause all sorts of problems, so not sure how we’ve ended up with our 10 year old Collie having surgery this morning for an impaled stick under her tongue from chasing a ball! I know she’ll be okay but you do worry, but all that was put aside when sitting in the waiting room and having to hear the conversation the vet was having to the couple ahead of us when he told them their young spaniel only had 2 months to live. I felt dreadful for them, not only because they’re going to lose their pal who looked so well, but also the fact we could hear everything that was being said, so when it was our turn I felt I had to tell him in the hope that maybe they’ll do something about it as it’s not fair on people, especially when it’s sad news. On a lighter note, I got recognised today by a lady who saw my piccie advertising the Spring Show at Malvern on their website, she’s never been, I didn’t know her so quite surprised really, and made me feel a little better especially as I was a good stone lighter when it was taken!

Bit behind!

Been a bit lapse with the old blog, but life keeps taking over. Today for instance, was up at 3.30am to write the columns I should have done on Friday but it was so lovely outside, there was gardening to do! Welcome to my new look website, and thank you to Glyn for all his hard work, he even found time to make chocolate chip muffins so only a matter of time till he starts wearing his undies over his trousers. Mind you, that could be his age! Having had a bit of a traumatic start with the hatching what with broken eggs and struggling chicks, it looks like the 4 we have are going to be okay. I had the hot water bottle out last night for a spot of revival but first time broody hen has now got the hang of it. This week sees an old pal coming to stay for a few nights, another one coming for his supper and my roots having a touch up, oh and some work along the way. Won’t be late to bed tonight, and if tele no good it’ll be even earlier.