Bit behind!

Been a bit lapse with the old blog, but life keeps taking over. Today for instance, was up at 3.30am to write the columns I should have done on Friday but it was so lovely outside, there was gardening to do! Welcome to my new look website, and thank you to Glyn for all his hard work, he even found time to make chocolate chip muffins so only a matter of time till he starts wearing his undies over his trousers. Mind you, that could be his age! Having had a bit of a traumatic start with the hatching what with broken eggs and struggling chicks, it looks like the 4 we have are going to be okay. I had the hot water bottle out last night for a spot of revival but first time broody hen has now got the hang of it. This week sees an old pal coming to stay for a few nights, another one coming for his supper and my roots having a touch up, oh and some work along the way. Won’t be late to bed tonight, and if tele no good it’ll be even earlier.

2 thoughts on “Bit behind!

  1. Hi Katie & Glyn,
    Have just finished reading your new website, congratulations, it’s really great! We’re looking forward to seeing you at Malvern Spring Show this year.
    Luv Barbara & John xx

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