Dodgy forecast

Why is it when I want to get in the garden it starts to rain, to be honest I’m happy for it to pour down this afternoon so I can sit and watch Wimbledon guilt free but not this morning! Wishing Andy Murray all the best as he goes head to head with the attractive chappie opposite the net. We’re really quite blessed with good-looking fellas in white at the moment but my favourite is seeing the sportsmanship that goes on, especially with Federer & Nadal, although I wish he’s buy some better fitting underwear as he’s obviously got a problem with them riding up judging by him having to fiddle every time he serves.

Glyn is staying down in Bristol for a few nights so this is also when I get the urge to do stuff, like decorate or buy a new bed. Usually when he gets home after time away I’ve been up to something, when we first moved here he came home from work one day and I’d burnt the garden shed!

Just a quick one

I was going to catch up with chores this morning but somehow it all got a bit hot, how Glyn thinks we could live in Cyprus I don’t know! Once again a brand new week and Glyn is working in Bristol on the radio and I shall attempt to tidy both inside and out! We had a super time at Shobdon Food & Drink Festival at the weekend and thank you to those who came up and said hello. I must admit it did get a little warm in our marquee where we hosted the cooking demonstrations, especially as the cooker seemed to only have 2 settings so when it wasn’t off, it was on thermal nuclear.

I can’t believe we’ve got a broody hen again, especially as I thought she’d got it out of her system when she reared 4 chicks earlier in the Spring and regards an update on their gender, I think the one I’ve struggled with is a rooster but he’s very small and very quiet. Not sure when they do start ‘crowing’ but at nearly 3 months of age I thought he would have done by now, maybe he’s shy!



Highs and lows

Not been the nicest few weeks as we’ve had too many funerals and then dear Blossom loses her first calf, and no matter how many times I’ve thought about it, I know there was nothing I could have done, it was a detached placenta and just one of those things. She’s doing okay though, we had to have the vet out to remove the placenta as it wouldn’t shift after a course of antibiotics and having decided not to find a calf to suckle her, I’ve let her dry up, now it’s wait and see for Ruby who is due in 5 weeks time. Staying with livestock, I was invited to be part of the commentary team for the cattle and sheep at The Three Counties Show last weekend which was great fun and a total change from what I normally get up to, and having had the privilege of being up close and personal to the Grand Parade on the last day, I now have an urge to lead one of my girls in it next year, only problem being white isn’t really my colour! This weekend it’s back to normal when Glyn and I host the Cookery Theatre at Shobdon Food and Drink Festival. It’s a super little show, Herefordshire’s longest running food event with all proceeds going to local charity and good causes which is fantastic and we’re very proud to be part of it.

Columns written for Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Wye Valley Life Magazines. Sad to have lost my one for Shropshire Life though, but with a new Editor it often happens, but I wish her well.

Had a lovely surprise the other day when Worcestershire Wildlife Trust asked if they could have a couple of pictures of our garden to use as part of a feature they’re doing for their magazine, I reckon it’s the weeds that have done it as I’m very good at growing them!

I’m still doing the odd cover shift at Sunshine Radio which is fun, they’re a lovely team and it’s always nice to be asked although I’ll share a secret with you, one of the boys uses that much hair gel that I have to wrap the headphones in paper so they don’t stick to the top of my head – thank goodness they haven’t got a webcam!

It’s been a week of highs and lows

Herefordshire said goodbye to Mike Hamilton this week, one of life’s gentleman. I had the privilege of knowing him following an interview I did with him on radio when he first set up the veg box scheme Flights Orchard Organics. From there I worked with him when he did cookery demonstrations for Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF) and then laughed with him when he became a friend with that big beaming smile of his. The celebration of his life was held last Tuesday and it was standing room only which in itself was a true mark of the man. 

Glyn and I have just spent two days at Staffordshire County Show working with the Cookery Theatre which is based in the Food Hall. I do think, and this goes for all county shows, they should give priority to their local producers to be in the main area and then if not full, offer it out to others. Was lovely to meet a couple of new chefs in the form of Rayeesa from Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen at Mordiford who we’ll see again at Shobdon Food Festival, and the rather gorgeous Marcus Bean from New Inn, Baschurch. I predict a sweet-smelling future for this chap, who is not only talented and good-looking, but lovely with it, and that doesn’t often happen.

It’s been weird not having the dogs at home having dropped them off at my Sisters for the week, just wouldn’t be fair for them to be at home with us away so much. Going to be seeing the ladies from the Prostate Cancer Widows Support Group tomorrow of which I’m proud to be Patron and then somewhere in between it’s all change again for the cows as we yet again move them so they have a bit of grass to eat. It’s lovely to have the sunshine but we still need more rain to get it growing, the rate we’re going we’ll have to feed them hay!

Have had confirmation today that I’ll be yet again compering for the fabulous Herefordshire Food Festival in October, and it’ll involve working up close and personal with chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, I do so love my job!