Cock a doodle – DONT!

I’m not ready for it to go cold yet thank you, here’s hoping we have one of those Indian Summers although I must admit to enjoying a log fire last night! It’s been a funny week, started off with an itch on my neck which kept me awake for a few nights, finally succumbed and ended up at the Doctors and I have an allergy. Now it’s either the cat or the other half so I may have to get rid of one of them – needless to say I will miss Glyn! Had a bit of a fright at the weekend when the lady who owns the rented field where the animals are at the moment knocked on the door in floods of tears, ‘come quickly Katie, there’s something wrong with the calf, she isn’t moving, I think she’s dead’ Well you can imagine the heart rate heading up the road, wondering what I’d find, but pleased to say ‘Gracie’ was just in a deep sleep and by the mark in the ground, a very long one too. Think of a crime scene on the tele when you see the chalk mark round the body – bit like that! It’s good to have people who keep an eye on them for me, I’d rather that than nobody notice anything but hopefully it won’t happen again! Moved the hens and Cockerel yesterday to a fresh bit of ground, have to say he’s on a dodgy wicket at the moment with his crowing as he seems to be doing it constantly, even in the middle of the night. Whilst I was sorting their fencing out in the woodland I noticed a Roe Deer so spent a good five minutes just watching her nibbling the undergrowth, it would have been longer but Mabel the cat suddenly decided to climb a tree in the style of a being chased by a huge dog, so that was it, she was gone. 

We have begun taking bookings for our cookery demonstration unit which is exciting, and quite a few of the chefs we work with can’t wait to get it dirty! If you want to have a look at what we’re up to, the website is

Very moving watching the news of late, the incredible bravery of Gemma Redmond at the funeral of her new husband Ian who was killed by a shark on their honeymoon. How she found strength to speak I just don’t know, and my heart goes out to her, and then Royal Wootton Bassett as it will now be known, saying farewell to repatriation. The people who stood in silence and dipped their heads as a mark of respect for each of the 345 servicemen and women who gave their lives are truly wonderful, human kindness at its very best.

September is upon us and it will be a busy one so trying to get the house and garden sorted – starting today judging by the sunshine, reckon we’ll be able to wear a T-shirt for a little longer then.


I used to catch the 3F

I’ve decided my blogs are like buses, none for ages and then 2 come along at once, perhaps more the fact that I’ve got loads to do and I’m just delaying for time, it’s either this or have a cup of tea which will then include a biscuit, so writing this is the low-calorie option. Libby the Golden Retriever is obviously happy we’re both home today judging by her tail wagging, I’m going to have to put a cardigan on at this rate.

Heading to Ludlow once I’ve got myself into gear, that’s if I can get in. We’re definitely in ‘spot the tourist’ season which is fantastic for the shops and local trade, and wait for the Food Festival in 2 weeks, you’ll not be able to move!  We’re very lucky where we are in as much as we are close to 2 super towns, but dear old Tenbury is struggling, not helped once we lost the cattle market several years ago and then of course the floods, and from January next year the bridge is closed for repairs with only a footpath alternative for those who want to shop! I know there is huge resistance to Tesco coming in, but the town needs something, personally I wish it was a Marks & Spencer or Waitrose as that wouldn’t be in competition with what the town offers and it would then attract out-of-town visitors. I’ve always felt Tenbury would benefit from belonging to another council in all honesty. It comes under the same banner as Malvern and Upton, and try as it might, it can’t compete with towns who have the facilities they do. Having said all that, it offers its own charm and I for one shop at Bowketts, buy my fruit & veg from Moody’s, the Doctors and Dentist are second to none and try as you might, you’ll not be able to walk through the town without someone smiling at you or passing the time of day – which reminds me …… lots to do!

News to Noose!

August in the world of media is usually known as the ‘silly season’ as normally there would be very little news happening, but this year it’s certainly not the case. Turning the television on today with news from Libya, seeing people coming together en mass in search of freedom, I can’t help think of the world-wide coverage of our country a couple of weeks ago when again people came together, but this time having the privilege of being free, yet all they wanted to do was destroy and abuse everything that goes with it, including their own towns and communities! 

Having grown up in Lincolnshire, The Red Arrows become a part of being a ‘yellow belly’ so to hear of the death of Jon Egging was very sad and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and all the team.

Away from the headlines and life is busy getting the new addition to our services up and running, if you want to have a look at our new trailer, it’s on Twitter @wotscooking

Gracie the calf now resembles a proper Highland Calf and not only has Stan the Cockerel found his voice, he’s using it from 3 o’clock in the morning, so not sure how much longer Stan will be with us!

Next event is Ludlow Food Festival which we love, and Glyn and I are again looking after both stages so if you’re heading over that way, please come and say hello.