Perhaps I should write in the dark!

I’m supposed to be writing a piece for The Smallholders Magazine but keep getting distracted, most recently with an urge for ‘jam on toast!’

Good old February, never lets us down in the winter stakes and once again I’m having to carry water up to the livestock which involves me in a blue jeep with 2 dogs and 2 cats running alongside. Not sure Gracie our 7 month old Highland Calf is enjoying this cold spell, bit of a shock to the system I reckon after it being so mild for so long.

Glyn is once more travelling to BBC Bristol in the morning to present The Breakfast Show and I’ll be doing my last weekend relief milking at a local estate as we approach the beginning of our busy season with the shows. Bookings are coming in for our mobile cookery demonstration unit which is exciting and it all starts in a couple of weeks time.

Meanwhile I’ve got an article to write, oh by the way, I drove through Kidderminster the other day and my mobile beeped to tell me it had found a new time zone!


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