Found myself looking at thermal vests today

Not sure if our annual tin of well known wrapped chocs will make Christmas, not if it keeps as cold as it is. This is more like January having to break the ice off the water troughs, it’s certainly shaping up to be a very long winter! Popped into Hereford this morning for a meeting and then had a mosey round the shops, alongside the rest of the county by all accounts, it was heaving. Couple of pressies ticked off and for some reason, I noticed thermal vests for the first time. Leominster on the way home to get provisions and I’m sure everybody had followed me there too. Sad to hear that we’ve lost Leslie Nielsen, lovely chap. I had the privilege of interviewing him when he came to Malvern a few years back, and ‘Airplane’ is one of my favourite films. Staying with things that make you laugh, I’m loving the advert with the muddy Golden Retriever on the bed and Anton and Ann had me in stitches at the weekend with their tribute to Titanic, it was Anton on the floor shouting that did it for me. I just hope my bosom doesn’t sink that low as I get older.

It’s stopped raining!

Not sure where the last week went, but it involved chatting to a group of Young Farmers and most of them I could have been their mother! We now have 2 pigs, that happened in the week, totally unexpected but we’ve borrowed a couple of Berkshire piglets to clear our patch of woodland. They’re very funny to watch, and it’s amazing what they have achieved already, here’s hoping the electric fence does it’s job as I don’t fancy them getting into the garden now I know what they can do. Great to see Strictly back on the tele, and Anton too. Having danced with him and me not being much taller than Ann Widdecombe, I know exactly what she’ll be thinking whilst holding onto him and that will be ‘my word, he’s very firm.’ Good luck to them, and here’s hoping that newspapers columnists don’t choose to go down the personal route with their comments, never understand why people can be so hateful and mean and it only reflects back on them so why not try writing something nice! Speaking of which, this week should see the kittens starting to play and eat solids so here’s to having eyes in the back of my head.