Only have red wine at weekends

This month has just flown by, which is unusual for January. Not sure I like this unseasonable warm weather that’s accompanying it though, the field with the cows and sheep in it is looking a bit sorry for itself and it’s only a matter of time until I end up horizontal with me separated from at least one welly, and I promise it’s nothing to do with alcohol as I’m avoiding the stuff in the week. Away from the smallholding, I put my headphones back on for Sunshine Radio in Herefordshire & Monmouthshire the other day which was fun. Ian who does the afternoons was poorly and I was able to cover so found myself back on the airwaves and turns out I can still do it. Over the next couple of weeks I’m judging the tastiest sausage in Herefordshire & Worcestershire for Heart of England Fine Foods and then I’m hosting the Grand Final in Birmingham. Last year it was a good 4 months before I could even face another banger and I imagine it will be the same again this time. Soon be the RSPB garden birdwatch, pity it wasn’t the other day when a pal of mine had a Buzzard fly through a window into her lounge, now that written on the form I’d love to see and she’s only drinking red wine at the weekend too.

Plastic bags on feet is not a good look

Can you believe in all this rain I’ve not got a pair of wellies having planted my last pair with marigolds! Needless to say, it’s a visit to welly shop today as I’m due to visit a farm later this morning. We’re still on Buzzard watch having lost two hens in the past fortnight, I just hope after all this waving of my arms it will at least have an affect on my bingo wings. Been a busy couple of weeks, Glyn and I went to the recording of Top Gear where attractive young women are moved into shot, so obviously we didn’t make your tele screen, I’ve had my picture taken for Sunshine Radio, photographer started me off posing by graffiti covered walls until it became clear I was much happier by a tree, so I’ve ended up outside Hereford Cathedral. We’ve now acquired a cat (long story), and I have been asked to write for another magazine from November which is exciting, but I can’t say which one just yet.