I’ve put my cardigan back on

We’ve had an old friend over for the past few days which was lovely, mind you with all the wining, dining & chatting that was going on I’m bushed. Sitting in the lounge looking out at a very grey day wondering what has happened to the sunshine, and just when I’d begun to develop a bit of a rosy glow. Can’t believe the rate at which the chicks are growing, to watch them is quite addictive, copying everything their Mum does including scratching the ground which makes me smile everytime. Other one is when their Cochin Mum shakes like a wet dog and each of the 4 is then blown in every direction leaving them a good foot away having to run as fast as they can back to her. Tess’s mouth is recovering well from the stick incident and of all the times to have friends over, what with her and her leaky front and Libby the Retriever in season with a leaky other end, oh the joys of keeping animals. Looks like I’ll be heading to Countrytastic again this year to help out a pal with the lambs with a promise to Glyn that I won’t be bringing any home with me – what he didn’t know was I had my fingers crossed behind my back.