We’ve got the white stuff

I’m sitting on top of the fire in what really has begun to feel like winter, thank goodness my ’emergency weekend milking’ for a local farm estate was conducted in slightly higher temperatures!

At the moment I’m busy preparing the cookery demonstration schedule for various events we’ll be at this year with www.wotscooking.co.uk we’re very lucky that we’ve found some super chefs and demonstrators to work with, and some of them are as mad as we are!

As I’m typing this, Libby the Retriever is having a ‘moment’ with her stuffed duck, Tess the Collie has retreated upstairs due to ‘popping’ logs and thought I’d let you see this of Gracie, taken last week at 6 months old.

There’s only one thing I share with a polar bear and that’s being left handed

When I began my working life on farms, living in caravans and being that cold I’d go to bed in my clothes ready for the next morning, I vowed that I’d never put myself in that position again. Move forward nearly 30 years, and we’ve turned the heating off before we run out! It’s been on order for 3 weeks, but our track has just not been passable since the first blast of winter. I have told Glyn that if we run out of logs and coal, I’ll burn the settee as I quite fancy a new suite for next year. Even had a call from BBC Breakfast which was exciting. They wanted to find out if we were newsworthy, but to be honest, we’ll be fine. Might even be a way of losing some weight over Christmas instead of gaining it. Sadly we’ve had to cancel visiting family and friends across the country which is a shame, but our temporary absence is nothing compared to the horrors we keep seeing on the tele. As I’m writing this, it’s still snowing. We managed to move the cows nearer home yesterday which was a little hairy with them not being able to distinguish their route with everything white over. Our main problem is frozen water and having to carry it to both them and the sheep twice a day. Luckily we’ve got plenty of hay to last them and if all else fails and we run out of provisions,  maybe we platt some together and think of it as Shredded Wheat. The hens hate it and spend most of their time in bed, Mabel the kitten thinks it’s fantastic and likes to catch each snowflake when it falls. I’m happier now I’ve discovered that socks have togs, who’d have thought, duvets for feet! Wishing you a safe and Happy Christmas, and here’s to 2011, whatever it throws at us x