I used to catch the 3F

I’ve decided my blogs are like buses, none for ages and then 2 come along at once, perhaps more the fact that I’ve got loads to do and I’m just delaying for time, it’s either this or have a cup of tea which will then include a biscuit, so writing this is the low-calorie option. Libby the Golden Retriever is obviously happy we’re both home today judging by her tail wagging, I’m going to have to put a cardigan on at this rate.

Heading to Ludlow once I’ve got myself into gear, that’s if I can get in. We’re definitely in ‘spot the tourist’ season which is fantastic for the shops and local trade, and wait for the Food Festival in 2 weeks, you’ll not be able to move!  We’re very lucky where we are in as much as we are close to 2 super towns, but dear old Tenbury is struggling, not helped once we lost the cattle market several years ago and then of course the floods, and from January next year the bridge is closed for repairs with only a footpath alternative for those who want to shop! I know there is huge resistance to Tesco coming in, but the town needs something, personally I wish it was a Marks & Spencer or Waitrose as that wouldn’t be in competition with what the town offers and it would then attract out-of-town visitors. I’ve always felt Tenbury would benefit from belonging to another council in all honesty. It comes under the same banner as Malvern and Upton, and try as it might, it can’t compete with towns who have the facilities they do. Having said all that, it offers its own charm and I for one shop at Bowketts, buy my fruit & veg from Moody’s, the Doctors and Dentist are second to none and try as you might, you’ll not be able to walk through the town without someone smiling at you or passing the time of day – which reminds me …… lots to do!