Age? I’m going the other direction

Thank you for your kind birthday messages yesterday, much appreciated and as I’m going in the other direction now, I shall look forward to my 21st in the next few years! Spent the day trying to walk against the wind up Clee Hill with the dogs and then last night went to see the very funny Milton Jones at Telford. Not that I’m an old fart or anything, but both he and his support act James Acaster got through the whole night without one expletive which was so refreshing and lovely that the families with youngsters in the audience didn’t feel uncomfortable. I keep looking at our 4 chicks which are heading towards 5 weeks old now and still wondering what we’ve got. It keeps changing and today I’m thinking maybe 1 Roo and 3 hens, here’s hoping as then I can keep them all! Managed to write my columns over the weekend and can you believe they’re for July. Hopefully it’s the last visit for Tess at the vets tomorrow as finally the hole under her chin caused by her freak stick injury is healing, so shouldn’t think she’ll need another operation which is good news, both for Tess and my purse. I love her dearly but in more ways than one!