Look what I found!

pheasant chicks

Please be careful if you’re wanting to cut down a patch of nettles at this time of year as you never know what is hiding in there. Having come across a disturbed nest of pheasant chicks the day before, I brought home the 10 eggs to see if anything could be done. 24 hours later, and a bit of careful ‘peeling’ to the ones already damaged and a hot water bottle for the ones still intact, 6 little souls survived. Delighted to say they are now being looked after by the youngsters at a local Care Farm


I think we’re alone now

Having had visitors over for Easter, all of a sudden everything seems very quiet, so much so, the purple Pheasant has shown up again by the bird feeder. Incredible colour, I’ve never seen one before, where as a cock bird has a golden chest, his is purple so what with him, the white hen Pheasant and a black rabbit that’s been spotted, we’ve got our very own Springwatch round here. Our 4 chicks which hatched nearly a month ago now are growing at such a rate, all are now living with the flock as a rat had discovered their broody coop, so a little earlier than I wanted but everybody seems happy and more importantly they’re safe. Thinking though that of the 4, we might have only 1 hen so don’t think we’ll be selling any free range eggs from the gate just yet!