Never a dull moment

That’s the affect that Alan Titchmarsh has on me, having posted a picture in June that was taken at Chelsea Flower Show this year I’ve not been heard from since!

It’s been a busy time for our new business which is wonderful, although have to admit to slight disappointment that will all this physical activity I’m still not a size 12 and in all honesty, never will be now as I’ve been asked to write my monthly food and drink column for Shropshire and Warwickshire Life Magazines as well as Herefordshire and Worcestershire. All very exciting and delighted to do so, first one will be out for December.

It does appear that calories have become my life and let’s be honest, there’s not many I’ve met and didn’t like. Speaking of tasty! was lovely to catch up again with the gorgeous Jean-Christophe Novelli at Malvern Autumn Show, he really is one of the nicest people and a great Chef too, I always seem to learn something from him each time and that doesn’t often happen. I’m looking forward to working with Mary Berry for the first time at the end of the month at this years ‘Allpay Flavours of Herefordshire Food Festival’, we’ve chatted on the radio a few times but never met.

At home we still need a new kitchen door and with all this wet stuff we’ve discovered it can rain indoors – well we always wanted a home with character! Poor old hens had a visit from the fox the other day which has put pay to all egg production now. He didn’t get them thankfully, infact I was there at the time thank goodness, I was sorting the water out in their pen so they’d headed away from me towards our fence line and I heard one of the girls making the most unusual noise, looked up and there he was standing 5 feet away from her. Needless to say a few choice words said loudly accompanied by a lot of arm waving moved him on, but it’s been enough to do them a mischief.

We were working at Tenbury Applefest last weekend which was good fun, except when two teenage girls thought I’d like to buy toffee apples for my, and I quote, grandchildren! Now I appreciate that if I’d started young I would possibly have maybe one, but they referred to a few and if they’re eating toffee apples they’re probably 6 years old! I know it was cold, and I was edging towards tired, but I’m changing my face cream, it’s a load of ‘Boswollox’

It’s a writing day today then later in the week I’m off to Herefordshire to watch the apple pressing for cider making, followed by a very posh doo where we’ll see who has won various food and drink awards in Worcestershire and Warwickshire. It has a dress code of black tie, which just about sums up the contents in my wardrobe.


I used to catch the 3F

I’ve decided my blogs are like buses, none for ages and then 2 come along at once, perhaps more the fact that I’ve got loads to do and I’m just delaying for time, it’s either this or have a cup of tea which will then include a biscuit, so writing this is the low-calorie option. Libby the Golden Retriever is obviously happy we’re both home today judging by her tail wagging, I’m going to have to put a cardigan on at this rate.

Heading to Ludlow once I’ve got myself into gear, that’s if I can get in. We’re definitely in ‘spot the tourist’ season which is fantastic for the shops and local trade, and wait for the Food Festival in 2 weeks, you’ll not be able to move!  We’re very lucky where we are in as much as we are close to 2 super towns, but dear old Tenbury is struggling, not helped once we lost the cattle market several years ago and then of course the floods, and from January next year the bridge is closed for repairs with only a footpath alternative for those who want to shop! I know there is huge resistance to Tesco coming in, but the town needs something, personally I wish it was a Marks & Spencer or Waitrose as that wouldn’t be in competition with what the town offers and it would then attract out-of-town visitors. I’ve always felt Tenbury would benefit from belonging to another council in all honesty. It comes under the same banner as Malvern and Upton, and try as it might, it can’t compete with towns who have the facilities they do. Having said all that, it offers its own charm and I for one shop at Bowketts, buy my fruit & veg from Moody’s, the Doctors and Dentist are second to none and try as you might, you’ll not be able to walk through the town without someone smiling at you or passing the time of day – which reminds me …… lots to do!