Mixed bag – sums me up nicely!

Still recovering from what was a busy RHS Autumn Show at Malvern, lovely to work with the boys from River Cottage (Mark, Steve, John & Gil) who are just as super off the camera as they are on. I’m afraid a certain Italian Chef by the name of Gino has lost that ability and it’s sad as only 2 years ago I worked with him at Herefordshire and he was great, perhaps he caught something during his time in the jungle!

It was our Wedding Anniversary at the weekend too, and tonight we’re going out for a ‘posh’ meal to celebrate. I’m really proud of Glyn as this week he starts lecturing at Staffordshire University on their Media Course. He’ll be fab at that, he’s got a lovely way with him and has done training for the Beeb for many years, infact that’s how we met as he was asked to, and I quote, ‘train me on the desk!’

Looking forward to this sunshine they’re promising this week as I’m a bit behind in the garden and could do with the last bit of grass growth for the cows as the hay prices for this year are even higher than last.

I’ve got a new gig this week compering for The Caravan Show so looking forward to that and then won’t be long before Herefordshire Food Festival with the smouldering Jean Christophe Novelli – he’s not been in the jungle so we’ll be okay.