Not enough hours in a ‘May’

I definitely have a weakness for old farm equipment having just added a vintage potato grader to our collection, not sure where it’s going exactly as it’s not like a new pair of shoes you can hide in the wardrobe only to bring them out and tell the other half you’ve had them ages! Been a busy few weeks what with the Spring Show at Malvern which I always enjoy, especially when it involves working alongside the lovely James Alexander Sinclair and Joe Swift. Had the pleasure of working with Mike Dilger for the first time too which was enjoyable and it was lovely to see so many youngsters getting involved with the nature trails he hosted. Staying with all things gardening for a moment, must say Congratulations to Cleve West for winning not only Gold for his garden at Chelsea Flower Show but for Best in Show overall and Paul Hervey Brookes who designed the RNIB garden won a Silver Gilt.

Ludlow Spring Festival was a first for us this year as usually it clashes with Malvern, but me and him ran the cookery stage which was fun and always nice when you don’t have to travel too far to get home and put your feet up. Birmingham Symphony Hall was the destination last Sunday for the Worcestershire Young Musicians Gala Concert and yet again the quality defied their ages. This year we had the youngest ever participant at the age of 4, ably assisted by her teddy bear Fluffy who went to every rehearsal and sure enough was there on the night too. I got my own dressing room again which was very swish and my name on the door too, only problem was their towels are just a little too big to get in my bag.

Looking forward to the first ever Malvern Food Festival this Saturday, I’ll be there chatting during the cookery demonstrations for Heart of England Fine Foods and on Monday, Glyn and I will be working at the Asparagus Festival at Breforton with our old pal Felice Tocchini, so should be fun.

Away from work, we’ve had to move the cows back home a bit earlier than planned but like many areas in the country, the grass just isn’t growing and sheep wise, hopefully we’ll be able to get them shorn fairly soon. Still wondering what gender one of the four chicks born two months ago is, we’ve definitely got two pullets and a cockerel and then whatever this one chooses to become, I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Age? I’m going the other direction

Thank you for your kind birthday messages yesterday, much appreciated and as I’m going in the other direction now, I shall look forward to my 21st in the next few years! Spent the day trying to walk against the wind up Clee Hill with the dogs and then last night went to see the very funny Milton Jones at Telford. Not that I’m an old fart or anything, but both he and his support act James Acaster got through the whole night without one expletive which was so refreshing and lovely that the families with youngsters in the audience didn’t feel uncomfortable. I keep looking at our 4 chicks which are heading towards 5 weeks old now and still wondering what we’ve got. It keeps changing and today I’m thinking maybe 1 Roo and 3 hens, here’s hoping as then I can keep them all! Managed to write my columns over the weekend and can you believe they’re for July. Hopefully it’s the last visit for Tess at the vets tomorrow as finally the hole under her chin caused by her freak stick injury is healing, so shouldn’t think she’ll need another operation which is good news, both for Tess and my purse. I love her dearly but in more ways than one!